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Online gambling games have become increasingly popular in Indonesian society. Gambling in Indonesia is growing due to online gambling sites. Special game of stacking capsa provided for gambling lovers. The stacking capsa game is a game that uses playing cards as a medium to play and each player will be divided into 13 cards and the player must compile a card from the biggest to the smallest.

When you play Capsa Susun Online , the first thing you have to do is register on our site. Our site is one of the most trusted sites in the world of online gambling, especially in the game of capsa stacking. When you have successfully joined the site, you will be given access to become a dealer in this Capsa Susun game. Following this we will provide the steps you must take to become a dealer, as follows:

  • Enter the Capsa Susun Online site (vip): The main thing you have to do is enter the site, after you have successfully entered the stacking site, the next step is to login your account if you have registered, if you have not registered then you can register yourself and after you have successfully logged in then you must enter the pin is in the form of a 6 digit number and after that the main menu will appear.


  • Enter the Game Capsa Susun: After you make it to the main menu, you can choose the game Capsa Susun which will direct you to become a gambling bookie.


  • Choosing a Table That Has Been Provided: After you have successfully entered the stacking game, there are 5 types of tables that you can choose. These 5 tables can be selected based on the available credit. For a small table you only need 1,000 credits and a maximum of 3,000 while to be a dealer you must have a minimum of 24,000. For the next table you must have a minimum of 5,000 and the maximum is 10,000, Bandar is required to have 80,000 credit. Medium table with a minimum of 10,000 and a maximum of 20,000. The city must have 160,000, next is the biggest or large table and also VIP where the minimum credit is 20,000 and the maximum is 2 million, to be a dealer you must provide at least 240 rb credit at the normal table and 400rb at the VIP table. Choose the table according to the credit you have,

Being a dealer certainly has a greater advantage than a regular player, you can immediately try to become a dealer and feel the benefits that are many times over, register yourself immediately and feel the benefits!