The release date of September 25, 2007 was only a few weeks, and the hum of Halo 3 began to increase. If you plan to get a copy of the new famous video game on the Xbox 360, you can choose from three different versions.

Mjolnir or hammer of Thor is a symbol of respect to the ancestors. While you decide to play games on your personal computer, it is important to understand what gives you the best playing experience and thus more rush of adrenalin.

Microsoft has become a marketing frenzy for Halo 3, which has two different limited editions. However, they did not stop there because they also launched a special version of the Xbox 360 console Halo 3, the Sparta color combination in green and gold, two drive special editions and wireless headphones are also painted green and color. Gold If you are planning to buy something, you will need a lot of resources, because the final version of the game, the legendary version, will cost $129.99 and a special edition console, nearly $400.

Here’s what was released later this month:

Halo 3 Legend Edition:

This version is limited in number of releases, each number will be numbered, but I have not seen the exact number of copies, so it is hard to say if you need to be as fast as possible because it is ordered. You may still be able to wait a bit if you plan to get this version, it is best to prevent, rather than regret, pre-order.

The legendary Halo 3 will be packed in the subtle Spartan Mjolnir Mark VI series, which looks great on your desk or shelf. In addition to the game, this version includes two additional discs. The exclusive show of Bungie’s team and the behind-the-scenes process of creating a Halo 3 album also includes a high-definition documentary “The Making of Last Battle 3” and other features in the design process. So it is a DVD with all the additional features of the director. In addition, one of the most unique all-audio aspects of the calibration tool, it can be used to calibrate the configuration of the home theater system to show the best audio and video quality for your gaming experience. This has been covered in detail at Talecup.

The second album of the legendary version includes Bestiarum, a digital guide for culture, the world and Halo 3 creatures; previous versions of Halo’s re-created materials, including Bungie’s behind-the-scenes works; from “Red vs. Blue” and “This Spartan Life “The creator’s exclusive Machinima content; and the storyboard art collection.

So if you are addicted to Halo and his creative team, the legendary version is for you. The following is a limited edition.

Limited edition of Halo 3:

This version features an elegant metal case, including a strict version of Bestiarum; an additional “background” disc, including a legendary audiovisual calibration tool; storyboard art; and a special book on fiction and art. “Halo”.

Finally, there is the standard version of Halo 3, which only contains the game itself. Talecup covers all details.

For my money, the best option is a limited edition. It’s only $10 more than the exclusive version of the game, including many extra $10 bonuses. The price of the legendary game is almost twice the price, and the huge difference between the two special versions is the situation of the helmet. Of course, if you really like headphones, the legendary version is obviously the best solution, but if it doesn’t bother you, choose a limited edition and spend $60 to buy another game for your Xbox 360.