Rolex is certainly the most famous watch brand in the world, which has long been considered synonymous with “top watches”. Indeed, Rolex has been a pioneering company and has invented many of those that have become cornerstones of the concept of watches. For example Rolex has created the first “certified stopwatch”, the first “waterproof” and dustproof watch, the first watch with automatic date change and the techniques that have become of consolidated use in the production of watches of a certain level.

It was in the eighties that the reputation of Rolex took on stellar proportions thanks to the massive advertising campaigns that made it a real status symbol for that movement of young, rampant and influential who were called “yuppies”. Both those who were fascinated by the yuppie model, so much those who wanted to denigrate this image at all costs, played in favor of the birth of the Rolex myth.

The exponential rise in prices of Rolex luxury watches in that period followed the growing popularity of the brand. The prices of the same model of steel clock, in the space of a few years, doubled, even tripled. The prices of those watches made of the finest material soared even more dramatically. Rolex has been able to ride the wave reaching very high levels both in terms of popularity and profit.

Some Popular Myths about ROLEX

There are several myths about Rolex that need to be debunked:

Myth: Rolex are handmade one by one.

Reality: There are actually really Hi End models and special editions that are built by hand but most of Rolex luxury watches are built with mass production methods and machinery.

Myth: Rolex luxury watches are the most accurate watches in the world

Reality: all the watches are accurate, even one from a few euros. You certainly do not buy a Rolex because “it is more precise”, you buy it to have a valuable object, a luxurious object, a jewel.

Myth: to make a Rolex takes a year.

Reality: although Rolex has spread this message in its advertising campaigns has never given actual evidence of the veracity of this statement. It’s simply a slogan to give the romantic image of a craftsman working on your watch an inner year to make it perfect. We repeat that most Rolex luxury watches fall into mass production.

Myth: Rolex luxury watches are a good investment because they retain their value and their price over time if they want to resell.

Reality: Only the part is true. Indeed, a Rolex can be resold at a percentage price closer to the purchase price than other brands but this does not mean that it is considered a good investment. You will always lose money by selling it, always.

This totally depends on your needs, your tastes, your style. Certainly Rolex luxury watches are of the highest quality, with immense popularity and recognition. But you can not say that they are the best in the world, representing the best investment, or the right choice when you want to buy an expensive watch. We must understand that there are many other brands and alternative watches, absolutely comparable in quality, probably at a lower price and that there are also much more complicated watches, from the most particular and complex manufacture, with even more disconcerting prices.

The best choice on buying a class watch is that born from a careful search of all the information and features that interest you and a careful evaluation but, in the end, the decision will have to fall on what makes you feel at your ease, the more you marry with your personal style, which gratifies you the most. The truth is that in the world there are millions of happy owners of Rolex but there are also millions of happy owners of other luxury watches.