Are you having a good meal  ?

Do your regular meal causing fat to your body  ?

Is your meal consumption sufficient ?

Is your meal chart balanced  ?

NO? Belly’s, Extra calories where do they come from. Belly fat can be the reason or cause of any of the misconceptions in your mind. It can be related to anything. Whether it could be good meal or regular exercise or unbalanced calories or overdose of nutrition’s or whatever you could think of.

The source of energy in our body can be through anything. It can be through carbohydrates or fat or anything. Today, belly fat is very common because people becomes too lazy no one wants to do exercise, running and meditation everyone just want everything on their fingertip in a difference of seconds, that’s why everyone become lazy and almost  everyone has belly. This  belly fat causes so many serious problems like increases chances of heart attack, increases in cholesterol level, makes weak and etc.

The main problem is the utilization and consumption of calories. If we consume more calories as compared to the rate by which we burn it,then their is no problem at all. But in case there arrives a difference it causes fat. Fat is the sum of calories remained unburnt. Therefore It is always suggested to take that much amount of calories only which you can consume.


If you are keen to lose  fat as son as possibly,then these are some of the methods which can guide you in the right direction which you want to achieve. Primarily to lose weight you should opt to regular and continuous exercise. Secondly you should plan a proper planned diet. Doing hard work is the key to break muscles and to fill that broken muscles with certain amount of protein is a great task to achieve on. Losing or burning muscle is totally a play of a well planned balanced diet . Diet is the key factor for fat burning as well as muscle gaining.

It is often believed that carbohydrates are the essential need of the body but from other point of view also it cannot be good at every aspect. Because if they provide energy to the body but they do also add extra fat to a body making a body bulky or chubby. Often we find our friends chubby it is only due to extra calories or  carbohydrates added to our body. Loosing belly fat quickly can be achieved by a balanced plan that is sufficient calories and a regular exercise routine. Belly fat is an extra layer of cells.


Nutrition chart comprises of various kinds of nutritional items such as vitamin, proteins, carbohydrates , fat and many such nutritional items. Every kind of nutrition has their particular role to play. We can’t ignore or escape any of these. Only way is to consume all with a balanced ratio. Everything is important in life but to keep it going we have to balance it and they take it.


A man’s attire is It’s look. The first impression we make about a person is through his\her looks and physical appearance. And that too can only be achieved and gained is by living a discipled life. So, if you want to hold attractive looks and a positive essence is by building a expressive and efficient lifestyle.Going through this information we hope you might have got the true juice of the data and could understand the main pillar of belly fat that is exercise and a balanced deit.