If you plan to change the car’s lighting to improve the light produced by your car when you change the standard xenon bulb light, it may be a trade-off for cost and benefits.

Look at Xenon bulbs and Xenon HID car bulbs – there is a difference

Bright white light helps to improve night vision and, therefore, is a good way to reduce eye strain and improve safety when you are on the road. However, if you replace the existing bulb with a “Xenon” car, they will be a little brighter than your current bulb, up to 120%, but still a halogen bulb. They are replacing the bulb directly, so the cost of the change is quite low, especially the cost of changing the HID HID xenon lamp xenon brenner bulb. The HID Xenon lamp or xenon brenner is a direct replacement option and you need a HID ballast and HID bulb “package to complete the installation.

The bulb Xenon bulb HID (High Intensity Discharge) is different from the type car, since the HID version is without a filament and uses an arc to generate light. They are more expensive and require very high voltages. For this reason, you have to add a “front unit. It is important to get good quality to benefit the quality of the light with a good light transmission pattern. Will last as long as the quality mark.

Improved lighting offers many benefits

The HID Xenon bulb actually gives you more improvement in lighting, three times brighter than the standard bulb. The HID bulb is enlarged with the radius seen with the bright enamel, which means it has a wider coverage of the road. The HID xenon lamp or xenon brenner is mounted in the kit to give it a motive beam, making it easier to see other road users, giving you more time to deal with potential risks and thus increasing safety. It also reduces the blind spots of better illuminated roads, so it’s easy to see the advantages of the pavement and white light provided by the driver in the dark compared to the harsh weather conditions using yellow halogen bulbs.

Improved brightness provides better glare and road signs, driving at night, especially when it reduces eye strain and provides a more comfortable experience for the driver. A good nighttime illumination is critical to safety because lack of visibility is one of the main causes of accidents.

HID Xenon car bulbs are also more durable than halogen lamps. They can withstand greater vibration because they do not have a filament. Car xenon bulbs use less energy than standard lamps, even though they produce more light because of its components.

Install the HID kit

The HID suit is quite easy to install for anyone who already knows how to change the car’s lighting. When you are ready to install, it is important not to touch the transparent glass of the bulb as this will be consumed in an instant if you have a fingerprint on the glass. For high-performance car bulbs, not just normal, so you need to consider the cost, because you may need to replace it every two years.

In view of the above, it is difficult to continually determine that better lighting is value for money.