In times of economic hardship, especially for our predecessors, it is not surprising that unscrupulous people can always find a way to deceive, steal and extort money in a negligible amount that they can get. Webster extortion is defined as the acquisition of money or property crimes against the victim’s property, relatives, intimidation and false claims. Most states define extortion as the acquisition of property or money from another person by almost any means. True violent aggression, threat of bodily harm, intimidation or deception robbery are crimes.

Today, extortion fraud is mainly from online theft. Take Sandy’s homeland as an example. She is a 66-year-old single mother with two adult children who are completely out of their monthly social security contributions (IT Training Courses). Tuesday is just the day when Murphy’s law comes into force. For Sandy, there was no problem starting this day, she stopped at a local cafe where she bought a bagel and coffee. There, he used his debit card and everything seemed to be fine. Murphy’s law can only be passed when she is ready to leave Walmart. After her shopping has been loaded into her shopping cart, Sandy took out her debit card just to reject the transaction. After a brief panic, he only came back to slide the debit card this time, instead of dialing his password, he changed a credit card without a pin. For his great joy, and all the impatient people waiting for him, the credit card was accepted. The total bill is $83.64

On the way home, the problem continues through conscious thinking. Sandy knows that she recently got some things online, $72 worth of vitamins and spices. Just two weeks ago, his car repair cost was $600. Yesterday he ate a $15 tip at Christo’s, all of which was done with a social security debit card. When she first asked her, social security credits were included in the social security debit card, rather than being deposited directly into him where she had a local bank, she knew that the debit card was full of unknown variables. . Therefore, these social security debit cards (Cyber Security Courses) are actually no better than the prepaid cards and direct flash cards we often see on TV.

After using Walmart’s pin an hour ago,

Wal-Mart didn’t accept it, his instincts knew what went wrong. After storing the goods at home, he dialed the number on the back of the card. The customer service staff told him his negative balance. This triggers an instant answer, why only your Social Security payments are charged on your debit card and are negatively tied to any other bank account. Now he feels a bit frustrated because the entire service representative said Sandy had a negative balance of more than $1,000 at the start of Sandy this morning, checked her balance and said the account balance was $181.54. His next social security payment (Cyber Security Courses) is not scheduled for next week, when a deposit of $1,289 will be issued.

Sandy is now very angry when the service representative is unable to determine the transaction that caused the balance to be negative and the bank allowed the bank to overdraw for the first time. Typically, the bank records all transaction records for the settlement amount and the recipients of those fees. Obviously, this debit card is not the case. The entire service representative told Sandy that she spent $998 sometime in the morning and where she was physically.

Feeling invaded, Sandy immediately asked if she would reimburse her for the $998 she didn’t know and when it would appear on her account. All service representatives told him that the investigation took at least a month to go according to plan. This does not guarantee that money will be returned to the account. To make up for Sandy Day, if the bank can’t know who the initial cost of $998 is and where it is, you might have to pay $50. Now, Sandy knows that the bank is not a very secure financial institution because you have to fill out a police report stating that your account has been hacked and that the new theft threat in your account is now more likely.

Two days later, Sandy received a new debit card, which will provide social security payments in the coming weeks. Once the money is deposited into your card and a bank account is opened at a financial institution, she will have a clear understanding of the bank’s responsibilities and the records recorded on each transaction. It is difficult for anyone to access financial records and Sandy accounts.

Learn the lessons in the most difficult way. But for all seniors who want to use a debit card for social security deposits, please be aware of what Sandy Homes might do. The best way to avoid a case like Sandy is to use a reputable financial institution. You can deposit your social security benefits with someone who has successfully established a relationship and opened an account. And use your credit card as a debit card. Another security tip for financial security is a major credit card from the same financial institution or other reliable source, such as American Express. Maybe if Sandy reopens her account in a safer bank, the money she withdraws from her account won’t happen. It’s a good idea to check and re-check your account information every day because you only need an unscrupulous person to access your account in seconds and undermine your financial security.

Today, cybersecurity (Cyber Security Courses) is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Sandy Homes found that these social security debit cards are not as reliable as they say, which is a pity. This ancient slogan is very correct only if you can prevent cyber theft from damaging your financial security. Preventing by educating and controlling your daily transactions is one of the best ways to mitigate the risk of unscrupulous people violating your financial situation.

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