You used to be a child. You are likely to like temporary tattoos for children. Unfortunately, you didn’t have your own money at the time, so you had to ask your parents for money to buy them. Well, you are not alone, because many children ask their parents to spend money on fake tattoos. Unfortunately, most children are welcomed by “No!”. In fact, your parents may say that you should not spend money on them.

In the past, parents had good reason to believe that they were wasting money. After all, the design is very limited, the quality is too bad, and adults don’t like them. Other than that, it’s about temporary tattoos, forcing parents to doubt more value. They will leave in a few days and will leave such money for their children.

Fortunately, temporary tattoo survived this lack of support. Not only have they survived, but they have also developed better. Manufacturers may have discovered that they must do something to make fake tattoos that match the price. They made a better design and provided versatility in design choices. In fact, the current trend is to customize temporary tattoos. You can suggest your own design philosophy and an excellent manufacturer can take care of you.

Of course, fake tattoos are now more expensive. This is especially true for custom temporary tattoos. So, is their price worth the money? Indeed, they are more expensive than before. But you can consult a trusted manufacturer and you will find the price to be very competitive. You must also consider the fact that they are now used for different purposes. People benefit from the fact that they are very versatile. If you want to raise money or create teamwork, you can easily use them for activities. You should be aware that many event organizers are passionate about their popularity when used as gifts in these events. Because they are very effective, you can say that they are worth it.

Of course, all fake tattoos are not expensive. A good example is Chanel’s temporary tattoo. When stars such as Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Jessica Parker and Ashley Greene used them, they became very popular. In addition, Chanel does not need any demonstrations, so it is clear why they are so popular. Fans who customized temporary tattoos immediately investigated where they could buy. However, many of them were surprised when they saw that they had to pay $75 to buy five Chanel temporary tattoo bags.

Are they worth it? This is the case if you have money. There is no doubt that they look very good. In fact, many entertainment sites have reported that Lindsay Lohan will have new permanent tattoos when he sees fake tattoos. They will do amazing work as accessories, perfect for parties and tastes.

Unfortunately, most people can’t afford it. Honestly. For 5 custom temporary tattoos (realistic temporary tattoos), $75 is a bit expensive. In fact, you have access to 500 fake tattoos designed at a lower price. A better idea is to sponsor an event with justification. You can take care of gifts and personalize a theme that helps them use tattoos to convey their message.

Another good idea is to use them yourself. There are many ways to use them. If you have a business, you can use them as a marketing tool. Do you have a family member who is going to have a party? Use them as a benefit of the party. This is the beauty of a personalized temporary tattoo. The possibilities are endless.